Performance Counts

We invite you to take the 21st Century challenge. All you have to do is compare our actual performance to your own portfolio's performance.


Year Average 1-Year Return
2019 20.26%
2020 20.04%
2021 15.57%
2022 (20.85%)
2023 19.85%
2024 (Quarter 1) 17.68%

*According to the performance data above, if you invested $1000 on January 1, 2019, then on March 31, 2024, your current value would have been $1862.

*Data through client plan performance reports from OneBoss.

*Returns are calculated after charges have been deducted. These include charges you pay for advice, transaction charges and account-related charges, but not income tax. Keep in mind your returns will reflect the mix of investments and risk level of your account. When assessing your returns, consider your investment goals, the amount of risk you're comfortable with, and the value of the advice and services you receive.

*The above returns are not indicative of future returns.

If you're like most of the investors we've helped achieve greater risk-adjusted returns over the years, you'll begin to ask the question “why not me?” Then, when an investor considers the potential of leaving their current advisor in search of better returns, the change becomes more difficult to put into action, since their current advisor is a friend. When faced with this conundrum, one needs to ask themselves whether the amount of money they aren't making, especially on a compounded basis, is worth that friendship? You've worked hard to create your savings. Your savings can grow substantially without those efforts, but in order to do so you need an advisor that is as dedicated and works just as hard to ensure your money truly works for you.

Some of the warning signs that your advisor will never be capable of helping your money grow as much as it should are:

  • Your advisor avoids discussing your actual returns on your investments complete with comparisons.
  • Your advisor makes very few, if any, change to your portfolio. As the global economy changes so should your portfolio, which is why we normally make at least 1-2 changes per year.
  • Your advisor only contacts you in the first 2 months of each year to solicit an RRSP contribution.
  • Your advisor only contacts you when they need something. We remain committed to meeting with clients a minimum of 2-3 times per year to update them and ourselves for any relevant changes.

At a time when inflation recently hit multi-decade highs and has yet to fully stabilize, it's become even more necessary for your investments to grow at a pace that doesn't erode the purchasing power of your hard-earned money. All of our new clients have come to us with a similar experience which unduly restricted their ability to grow with the economy. Many of our new senior clients are leaving behind a portfolio that includes bonds and GIC's, and they are shocked when they see the earnings they have already missed, but it's never too late to start investing smarter.

At 21st Century Advice, our philosophy has always been different than stoic rules of thumb that have not proven to be as successful as ours for many years. The most important part of our job is to ensure our clients receive the highest risk-adjusted returns, in order to meet that goal, we manage your risk rather than your money, a subtle but important difference. We consider our job to be more than full-time, as the research required to assess and make any changes required because of new important data, is truly a very time-consuming task.

Our unique expertise in corporate and trust clients enables us to recommend Individual Pension Plans when appropriate. Also, we can recommend a suitable option in the case of a defined benefit plan when changing or retiring from employment eg. OMERS, HOPP, Teachers etc.

Joseph Mastromattei, H.B.A. Psy

Financial Advisor

Over the last several years, Joe has worked closely with Ugo. Merging Joe's educational and work experience with Ugo's experience and wisdom has been a great benefit to the firm. They continue to improve methods of analysis and implementation in real time.

Prior to the establishment of 21st Century Advice, Joe utilized his honours BA degree in psychology by managing numerous social programs. This required the management of multi-million-dollar budgets, ongoing research and data analysis, writing grant applications as well as proposals for additional programming as needed.

Financial Advisor, Windsor Ontario ON, Ugo Mastromattei

Ugo Mastromattei

Senior Consultant

Ugo earned an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1974 from the University of Windsor.

He qualified as a chartered accountant in 1976 and a Tax Specialist in 1980, 1990 and 2000. He began investing and assisting his clients with investments in 1980. As such, he has seen several recessions, bull markets and bear markets as an educated participant and advisor.

He transitioned to full-time investment advisor in 2007 and brought his ethical and conservative values with him into his new profession. He retired from the day-to-day activities in 2021, but remains a senior consultant to the firm, bringing his experience and investment philosophy to all investment decisions.

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